Easter Monday

Respecting a thousand-year-old tradition, the community of Colle San Magno meets at the top of Mount Asprano with the community of Castrocielo to witness the fascinating “kiss of the two Virgin Marys” and the so-called “challenge” of the fireworks. In the evening, among the laughter of children (and not only…) who wait for that moment for a very long year, you will be able to see the most famous resident of Colle San Magno, the “Easter Lady”, a paper and light wood puppet. The Easter Lady appears at the end of the celebration, awaited and applauded by everyone, she dances to the rhythm of Tarantella at the centre of a circle spontaneously created by people and finally set alight.

Il Borgo racconta (in August)

“Il Borgo Racconta” takes place in the old part of the town. It is considered one of the most important events in Colle San Magno. An enogastronomic itinerary that recounts the tradition and folklore of this village, made of healthy living,fine food, art and history. From the central Piazza Umberto I, crossing the Citadel, up to the Medieval Tower, you can taste the typical products of the area such as truffles, cheese, frionza, wild boar meat, homemade bread, fried pizzas, pasta with beans, oil and local wine and much more. A local sweet deserves a special mention, “pagliette”, a ring-shaped dough covered with a white mixture of sugar and egg whites, that can be exclusively found in Colle San Magno. To liven up the evening, lots of popular musicians, street artists, stands with exhibitions of paintings, photographs and sculptures made by local artists will turn your gastronomic journey into a walk between art and culture. Here, walking along these ancient alleys with whispering stories to be heard….

“The village narrates stories…you come and listen!”

Saint Rocco and Saint Magno celebrations (18-19 August)

The Feast of Saint Magno

“Children screaming in the streets,

busy mothers and grandmothers cooking,

the band , the church bells ringing in joy…

It’s 19th August!

It’s the day of Saint Magno!

There are stalls,

there’s music and partying,

the streets are full of people,

locals and visitors.

The statue passes through the crowd

This is the feast of our people!

Author A. V. Fontana

(The alleys of the soul 2015)


7th March:

A series of Thomistic events in honour of Saint Thomas of Aquino, born in Roccasecca in 1224.

End of May:

Antonio Fava Memorial. A 11800 m race with hundreds of athletes.


Severino Gazzelloni Festival dedicated to the great flute player born in Roccasecca.

1st week of September:

Food and wine itinerary “Le cantine de ‘na vota”

8th December:

“Festa del Broccoletto” a Street Food Festival in Roccasecca (a local produced kale)

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